Dive Rescue Specialists is the greater hampton roads premier provider of quality public safety dive training.  
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Professional Training for Public Safety Divers

image Bridging the Gap
Public safety diving requires special training. Recreational diving certifications alone do not adequately prepare divers to operate safely or effectively during underwater emergencies or crime scenes. DRS offers a host of training programs that “bridge this gap.”

In its simplest terms, DRS strives to give divers the knowledge, skills, and judgement needed to succeed and survive in the public safety diving environment. Our divers leave with a sense of when to fight, how to win, and when to walk away.

Exercise Design
Even in training, public safety diving is extremely hazardous. A large percentage of public safety diving accidents occur in training. Let DRS design and conduct a safe and needs-based training drill for your agency.  Based on your training needs and capabilities, DRS will provide scenarios, training props, expert assistance, and constructive evaluation.  DRS can even provide trained and experienced safety divers, allowing for the most efficient usage of your agency’s time and personnel.

DRS has separated out specific parts of certification programs in order to offer them in a high-impact, yet condensed, format.

  • Diver Safety and Survival
  • The Art and Science of Searching
  • Building a Dive Team
  • Underwater Crime Scene Operations
  • Boat-Based Operations

DRS workshops are non-diving educational programs designed to educate divers and leaders.

  • The Dry Stuff: Liability, Planning, Record Keeping, Standards and Compliance, Procedures

Staff Physicians
DRS has Board Certified physicians on staff to evaluate fitness for diving, endorse physician medical forms, provide diving physicals, and provide on-site medical control for remote diving operations.

Set Safety Divers
DRS can provide experienced, certified, and insured safety divers for movie and television sets. DRS divers work under non-disclosure agreements and have passed drug screenings and criminal background checks.

Event Safety Divers
DRS can provide safety divers for special events. DRS divers have served as safety divers for events such as whale rescue efforts, public demonstrations, and swim area hazard-removal.

Divers will learn:
Our training delivers where it counts… Knowledge, Skill, Ability
  • NFPA and OSHA Guidelines and Requirements
  • Diver Safety
  • Public Safety Diving Equipment
  • Search Techniques
  • Operating at Underwater Crime Scenes
  • Contaminated Water Diving
  • Low visibility Diving
  • Full Face Mask Certification
  • Dry Suit Diving
  • Underwater Wireless Communication
  • Remains Recovery
  • First Aid
  • Certification programs available from beginning diver to Assistant Instructor